Hi, I am Ankita. Growing up I was always fascinated with Henna. Growing up henna played a very important part in every celebration. Birthdays, Baby shower, Engagements, Weddings, Festivals and more. I loved applying henna to all my friends and neighbors. At the age of 15 i did an apprenticeship with a Henna and Make up artist in Mumbai. Eventually started going to bridal appointments with him and fell in love with Bridal henna.

A few years later I moved to America to pursue further studies in Graphic Design. I realized that Henna held a deeper meaning for me. It reminded me of the times I spend in India. It made me feel closer to the ones I missed everyday. Picking up a cone took me to a place of zen. Ever since I have made sure to keep Henna as close to me as possible.

I decided to share my journey in pictures on social media and eventually made it into a Business. Henna brings me immense joy. I have met some amazing people and learned some great things.

Here on this site you will find everything from Organic Henna Power, Henna Cones, Henna Kits and more to persue your own Henna Journey. Feel free to ask questions.